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2022-05-20 23:20:29 By : Ms. Diana Qi

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Square Enix Japan has listed another new piece of Kingdom Hearts-themed merchandise, this time being a monogram glasses case based on Kingdom Hearts III. This leather case's exterior is decorated with iconic symbols from the series, such as the enemy emblems, and its size is 57mm x 160mm x 60mm.

Additionally, it is available for pre-order ahead of its June 25th, 2022 release date for ¥3,850 (approximately $33.47).

You can view the provided images for this upcoming product via our gallery below: 

Kingdom Hearts III Monogram Folding Glasses Case

As a glasses wearer myself, this case is looking awfully appealing...

We will update this article with English store information when it is applicable to do so.

The product is now available to pre-order via Square Enix North America for $34.99 ahead of a provided October 2022 release window.

i think i know someone whod like this

That tournament looks fun tbh

That ship sailed a while ago.

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