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2022-03-12 02:59:02 By : Mr. Jonathan Li

Gucci, Valentino, and Chanel are responsible for the “large, baggy garments.” What’s the ace card? Haute ensembles, complete with customized face masks.

Eilish had understood the potential of ease in every environment and the use of clothing to demarcate an area of seclusion long when we were first all shut down in our baggy sweats. Whether it’s hitting the welcome mat as the young performer ever to be eligible for all 4 key Grammys that year or going out in her birthplace of Los Angeles. We honor Billie Eilish, the current princess of co-ords.

Jan 2020, high-vis in Versace: Not that she was trying to overshadow her competitors at Spotify’s Best New Artist 2020 Party, but what about the strobe light Prada comfort wear?

The Grammy Awards red carpet in January 2020, with green crystal mesh and glistening logomania: What is the best way to make an appearance at the music industry’s most prestigious awards show? You match your hair to your Gucci crystal-mesh top, add a monogram mani and a corresponding facial covering, and let your glistening logo suit speak for itself.

Jan 2020, glistening in Gucci: Eilish embraced the razzle-dazzle of the Grammy Awards in a typically eccentric approach during a series of scene-stealing dress changes. What’s her winning stage outfit? Thousands of crystals sprinkled throughout a delicate Gucci top, which was worn underneath a short-sleeve jacket and matching leggings.

January 2020, wearing a monogrammed sweatshirt to the afterparty: The music sensation came into the 2020 Grammy Awards afterparty in a vintage oversized tracksuit, dazzling jewelry, shoes, and saucer-sized sunglasses, with a look that will be currently associated with weathering the chill of outdoor eating for many of us.

In February 2020, revamping Oscars red-carpet style in Chanel tweed co-words: She walked the red carpet before her performance of The Beatles’ ‘In Memoriam’ at the Academy Awards. Eilish’s Haute co-ords and matching tweed shoes signaled the beginning of a new era in awards-show style at the 2020 event in Los Angeles yesterday. Forget the ‘old Hollywood’ gown; the then-18-year-old reintroduced the force of sports clothing that defies convention.

In February 2020, I’ll be making a case for sheer opera gloves: Eilish wore exquisite evening gloves with her monochromatic Gucci co-ords for the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscars party, a modern twist on dazzling after-hours style (blackout sunglasses included). Zoom closer to see her characteristic stacking jewelry placed over the brand’s transparent opera sleeves.

Feb 2020, VIP velour at the Brit Awards: Luxurious velvet in relaxing, neutral colors screams “relax.” Eilish wore full-drip Burberry by Riccardo Tisci again for the 2020 Golden Globes, complete on synchronized nails and heaps of golden jewelry, adding her own touch on a house standard.

The color green is acidic. March 2020, Gucci: Eilish was on stage in Miami in March 2020, kicking off her Where Do We Go? world tour, which has a six-month schedule of shows ahead of her. But, sure, it was 2020, and while Eilish’s freeing bespoke Gucci stage outfits have gone down in history, the tour was postponed after just three concerts owing to the epidemic.

Monochrome pajama suited, October 2020: The shoes will reveal the designer-inspired Eilish’s laid-back bespoke ensemble for the 2020 American Music Awards — yup, some other Alessandro Michele creative masterpiece that perfectly nailed the spirit of the era when pajamas were a 24/7 worldwide standard.

March 2021: At the Grammys in LA, in rose pink damask co-ords. Eilish’s complementing pants have a softly flared design – this is an outfit that’s all about the detailing. Zoom in on the mittens and nail painting that propelled Alessandro Michele’s legendary jacquard ornamentation into the era of TikTok.

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